Friday, July 29, 2005


who always say that sentence?
yeah, no doubt...futari AIKOM sei from Malaysia, they are really proud to be Malaysians...hehhe, ii yo!!

Fauzan returned Saturday morning, 23rd of July...Malay kei of my two brothers in faith in AIKOM...

what i will always remember about him is that first impression can cheat you! hehhe, gomen ne Fauzan Chan, i thought anata wa chotto unfriendly when the first time we met,..but then, I know him as a very funny person!^_^

he played guitar as well, but he better play Chinese song to accompany my poem than just play the urusai Nirvana's Nicotine..hehehe, urusaiiiii!!!

remember also the time when we played Ping-pong with Kiwi kun..hehhehehe, 'dont Lose your confidence!!!' just full of laughter, exactly the same with the laughter we had in J1....the coolest class of AIKOM 2004!!!

ok, Fauzan Chan, iro iro ganbatte, keep the faith and...Allahuakbar!!!!

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