Friday, July 29, 2005


yeah...This is the girl who really like to say the slogan of Malaysia..hehehe
Appuru desu!!

since the first time we met in the program, she has been so helpful to me...i remember when i told her i havent got my keitai since i dunno anything about it...
and the next night she just bring me her AU brochure, and of course i never return it back to her...Appuru san, gomen ne...

It was the time when she always said: is iiiiiiit??hehehe, with a very マレーシアぽいのはつおん。おもしろかったよ!

one thing is obvious from this chinese malaysian friend is her style evolution! hehhee, still have her pic when she looked so south east Asian...but now!!!hehe...she's 日本人mitai yoooooo!!!

but the nice thing is that she's still nice and friendly^_^
honestly, i got terrible stomach ache before i delivered my farewell speech in the completion party,...and she was the one who kindly escorted me to the restroom, and gave me some 'minyak kapal' (which made my body shop's oceanus fragrance disappeared , hehe) and some pil chick-it-teuk-an..hehhehe...中国のくすりはとてもよかったね。。。

one thing i regret is that we didnt get the chance to visit Ghibli museum 2gether...maybe in the future Applesan??

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