Sunday, July 10, 2005


wie have to say goodbye again.
this time to the most brilliant girl i met in AIKOM.

she always proudly said her name: Song Ji Yeon.
and she's also friendly!

many things i learned.
being smart doesnt mean that u should ignore

your appearence.^_^
being a book-lover doesnt mean that you should neglect learning other thing like playing musical instrument.
being a nearly a perfect person doesnt mean that you should forget to smile to everyone^_^
being a brilliant and talented girl doesnt mean that you should disrespect your parents...
(as she said that korean's spirit is filial piety)

in short, Ji Yeon is the really empowered asian woman!
thanks for all the lesson gurl!
wish you a great success in the future! i know you will be erai hito!!
hope to see you again Ji Yeona, even i have said: Annyonghikaseyooooo...^_^

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