Sunday, July 31, 2005


ウィウィくん:hello サムさん、今日のはっぴょうはどうだった?ようくできたの?
キーウィくん:Mmm...not too bad i think. i was quite happy with it. but i was so angry that i forgot my tape this morning!!今朝は本当に大変だった!!だから、今、つかれていますよ!!ウィウィさんおはっぴょうはどうだった?やはり上手にできたよね!!?
ウィウィくん:サムくんのはっぴょうのことおめでとうね!よかった!!^_^ そうですね。。。とてもたいへんだったと思うけど、サムはがんばったので、いまももっとsatisfiedですね!!^_^
わたしのはっぴょうはだめだったけど。。。i still can laugh at it. i really regret...さいごのはっぴょう、でも、一番わるかった。^^なきたい。
キーウィくん:im sure it wasn't too bad. i think you probably set yourself very high standards. all your other presentations I`ve ever seen (history on in this class, J-league soccer one (しんはつばい〕、your one in Boccelari 先生's class (with so what?) last semester) were very good. and i dont give meaningless compliments. :) so, im sure it was だいじょうぶ。are you going to D-block for dinner tonight?
ウィウィくん:本当にありがとう。i think exactly the same. i really want to make my statisctic like this (drew a graph with a consistenly increasing quality of happyou from the beginning of AIKOM til the end of the program), but i just couldnt, and actually i havent done my maximum efforts...
キーウィくん:もちろん行くよ。食べ物を持ってくるね。。。何をもってくる?I like your graph. hehe. i think my presentations have got better maybe. since i've done presentations in 日本語、doing it in english doesnt seem hard at all anymore. いいね!!Don't lose your confidence ウィウィちゃん!!actually like this though (drew another line in the graph, indicating a stable quality of はっぴょう)so, dont worry.
i just realised i have 5 レポートto do in the next 22 days!! できないかもしれないね。too much work and not enough time.

Friday, 1st of July 2005. found this conversation on the back of a page about Nishida Kitaro(ごめんね先生!!)...22 days before he returned to the land of the long white cloud. will remember you as i know you from such conversation.always so nice.^_^thanks a lot キーウィくん!

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