Friday, July 29, 2005


Wiewie yaaaaaa!!!

hehe, nani sore? yup! that nick name will always remind me of my lovely warui-kankoku-jin-no-o-tonari-san...

Shin Hye ya!!

she's now in australia, she said she's quit busy choosing the subjects for this semester...and australia is cold, with strong wind, which makes her hair messy...thats what she told me last time she emailed me...

Pu ha ha!!:)

thats what she'll say when she's happy and satiesfied for herself, for example...when she succeed wrote 1000 words about kuki shuzo for the super-zenzen-wakaranai modernization class...hehehhe,...

Wie-Wie...Kii peninSula Ni ikoooooo...!!

thats what she always said evreynight in front of my door few months ago...

Wie-wie yaaaa!! banana tabetai!!

hehehe, she really likes my 'pisang aroma', well, i am glad that we cooked it 2gether on my birthday Shin!^_~yeah, you are a good wrapper!! hehhe, but i am still the master lah!!

Wiewie ya....

see you, i will feed your chicken!!

hai, ShinHye Yaaaa!! sono kikai matte iru yo!!

so, until we meet again...send me a lot of mail, and keep smiling ^_^

thanks a lot Shin!! for everything!!

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