Monday, September 05, 2005

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and David Beckham???

hehe...what on earth can relate those two people different from sole to crown?

Ahmadinejad is, the newly elected president of the islamic republic of Iran. said to be a conservative and seem to lead Iran toward a more vigorous nuclear project...

while David Beckham, of course everybody knows, he is the celebrity-footballer from the UK, currently playing in Liga Primera's giant, Real Madrid, a team also called as `los galacticos` due to the fact that almost all of the team members are football celebrity^_^...

well, the tie is that, Ahmadinejad, during his tenure as the mayor of tehran, took down advertising campaign featuring Beckham, the first western celebrity to appear in the nation's history since the 1979 revolution...^_^

well, omoshiroi to omoimasu yo! don't ya think so???

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