Friday, October 13, 2006


Sunday, September 24, 2006


bersujud bersama dalam shaf tertata...
bersua dengan sanak saudara dan tetangga...
berkumpul dan bersantap bersama keluarga tercinta...
membaca dan mendengar ayat-ayat kreasi maha-sempurna...
membuat rumahku bercahaya, inginnya...
menjalani detik-detik dengan penuh makna...
kawan, Ramadan kembali tiba...
aroma dan atmosfernya...
seperti pulang ke rumah, bukan? ^_^

wie mengucapkan selamat mengisi Ramadan dengan sebaik-baik amalan dan sebanyak-banyak kebaikan.
mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Haruskah Ku Mati

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nadine dan Hegemoni

beberapa hari terakhir, mailbox wie dipenuhin sama email yang rame mencaci maki Nadine Chandrawinata, miss indonesia.

mungkin udah pada tau bahwa dalam wawancara miss universe contest yang bisa dilihat di website , cewek ini bilang
"indonesia is a city" (ya ampyun...) ..
"that has so many bitches" (masya allah!!)
"my admirer is mother teresa" ( belajar grammar apa kepedean nih?)...

hohoho...apakah nadine begitu bodoh? ato dia begityu grogi?? well, dunno for sure..tapi yang jelas interviewnya kan ga live to..mosok bintang pelem (pileme realita cinta dan rock n roll, wie yng cuma liat cuplikannya aja udah serem and jijay...) kok groginan??

ga cuma milis...pas wie ngumpul bareng temen2 tutor jepun...mereka rame ngebahas how stupid nadine is..hehehe...

di infotainment pun dia diketawain...katanya "mungkin yang dimaksud Nadine dengan city adalah city KDI ato city nurhaliza..." (wakakaka, boleh juga tuh idenya...kikikiki, kena bgt)

this morning, pas siap2 mo turun gunung, wie denger berita terbaru ttg nadine...katanye, dia dipuji sama donald trump, dia dianggap pantes masuk final. wah...trus masuk kategori the big four or penyiar menutup info ini dengan komentar yang menyayangkan orang2 indonesia yg nggak ngedukung wakilnya sendiri di kontes ini..padahal wakil mereka dihargai oleh dunia internasional...mau ga mau dia harus kita dukung dong...kata si penyiar lagi...

well,well...di kepalaku langsung muncul: hello, is this a joke??

hehehe...sorry for Nadine,...tapi, wie mikir, ada apa sih dibalik segala pujian donald trump itu?? tanpa bermaksud su'uzon, wie mau gak mau, mikir bahwa ada udang di balik sikap donald trump ini. maksudnya? ya, justru karena miss universe masih banyak ditentang di indonesia, dia menyanjung wakil indonesia setinggi genteng, supaya orang2 yang menentang ini berubah pikiran...trus? apa sih kepentingan donald trump or whoever those behind the contest?

lagi-lagi kembali kepada kapitalisme sodara2!!! mereka berkepentingan ide2 mereka diterima, ide tentang kecantikan, ide tentang konsumerisme...supaya mereka bisa menjual dagangan mereka...mengeksploitasi kita...tanpa kita merasa dieksploitasi...

ketika kita akhirnya menerima ide mereka, maka kemudian mereka bisa melakukan apapun yang mereka inginkan..

wow, halus banget ya cara mereka...sampe kita merasa tersanjung begitu...(kayak si penyiar female radio..)...yeah, that's how hegemony works...penerimaan nilai, ide, prinsip oleh kelompok sosial suborninan sangat-sangat penting bagi tegaknya sebuah hegemoni...sehingga orang2 pada menerima situasi yang sebenarnya eksploitatif ini sebagai sesuatu yang wajar...

semakin sebel rasanya kalo ingat komentar si penyiar...apakah dia akan mengatakan ha yang sama buat emapt pelajar SMA kita yang gagal mengikuti olimpiade matematika di slovenia hanya gara2 depdiknas telat ngurus visa mereka? penting mana sih olimpiade matematika sama kontes miss universe? emangnya bener ikut kontes miss-miss-an gitu bisa bikin pamor negeri kita di mata internasional melonjak? (bahkan di bidang pariwisata pun enggak, kalo travel warning masih belum dicabut) mending kalo wakilnya pinter mempromosikan negaranya...lah ini...salah2 orang bisa ngira Indonesia sebagai sebuah kota yang dipenuhi pelacur....

ya ampyuuuuuuunnn...amit-amit jabang beibeh dah!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Dear All,

First of all, I d like to thank you for your emails asking about how the thing was going on here in jogja. I am sorry that I was just able to check my email yesterday, june 18th. I spent my last 2 weeks at home due to what happened on May 27th.

You might have heard the news from Fajar, but once again I d like to tell you that you don’t need to worry about me here. I was injured on May 27th, but now I am almost one hundred percent recovered. I am just waiting for the wound on my legs to be fully healed. I am still changing the bandage regularly and also drink the antibiotics too, but other than that I am perfectly ok.

When the quake happened on 27th morning (about 5.50 am), I was in my homestay room in a village located in the southern part of jogjakarta. I was standing near my bed, holding my cell phone when suddenly the house was shaking madly. All happened very fast. Me and my friend trying to catch the door. But some parts of the wall have already fallen on our body. Thanks god both of us could reach the door few seconds later. Outside we just realized what happened. People running and screaming. Confused, shocked, panicked, and may be injured. They were calling for god’s name. We could not think about anything but the volcano’s eruption, since for these last three months the volcano in the northern part of jogja was extraordinarily active. I was so worried about my family, since my hometown is only about 16 kilo meters from the top of the volcano. A moment later I realized that my head was bleeding quite badly. My friend cried soon after I asked her to check on my head. Hehehe. I was not crying though.
In the midst of that catastrophe, me and 3 of friends of mine (2 of them got serious injury on their legs) were taken with the house owner’s car to get medical treatment. We left all of our possession buried in the ruins. All of us departed with bare feet. We could see that the quake has caused a very serious devastation along the street in the location. Houses were mostly ruined. Here and there we could see people bleeding, or crying, or taking a carpet or mattress rolled with dead body inside it. The nearest hospitals were cramped with people injured and parents crying due to their children’s death. I and 2 friends of mine got off in the local public hospital. The situation was horrible. Traffic jam caused by cars carrying casualties happened in front of the hospital. The three of us supported each other, walking through injured bodies outside the hospital. Inside the condition was no better. Injured people were lying here and there on the floor. Blood has made the floor so dirty and for me, frightening…they were lack of paramedics. People demanded that they or their relatives to be handled first. But the medicines were also very limited. The situation was worst when another quake happened at 8.15 and all inside the hospital ran outside for their life.

We decided to stay in the parking lot since. And after more than 2 hours received nothing but bandage and suggestion to press our wound hard, we decided to found a way to the central part of jogja. Thanks god that we found the car that brought us there. Since the driver was also confused, he brought us back to the village. There we receive first aid. The woman who helped us told me that I don’t need to worry about my head. Instead I have to get my foot stitched in 2 hours or the tissues will ‘died’. Hehehe. I bet you can imagine how panic I was. So, three of us were taken (again), this time to the hospital in the city of jogja. it took about an hour. In the hospital, we still have to queue to receive the treatment. They had built some tents outside the hospitals due the emergency. Finally, I got my turn at around 11.30 am. First the stitched my foot, and then they said that I also need the stitches for my head, and in 2 different places, without anesthetic equipment. Hehehe. You can guess whether I cried or not…at around 1 my family (I was so grateful that it was not a volcanic quake and they were ok) picked me up.

So, since then I stayed home and visit the doctor regularly.
You know, this disaster was so shocking and unpredictable. People were much more anxious about the volcano eruption. The southern area of jogja was considered as safer place before, and refugee’s camp were built in north jogja…and as far as people could remember, they was no such a devastating earthquakes in the history of jogja. But now, we know that the province is situated in a very quake-vulnerable location. Moreover, the structure of the ground also makes the impact of the quake more devastating for the buildings. And don’t imagine that we got quake-resistant building like those of japan…

As some of you might already knew, I was doing a kind of 2-months community service to complete my degree. So, we stayed there, socializing with the people, organizing some programs to help them developing their home industries (as the theme of the program was “small and medium enterprise empowerment”). Life was very enjoyable with the local hospitalities and great natural scenery…the people there are very kind…it’s so sad to see them living in the tents, have limited access to electricity and water…but they are hard workers. Now they are trying to have a normal life I guess, although small quakes are still occurring. They go to the fields (most of them are peasants), their children study in the tents (as their temporary school building), some of them even watch the germany world cup 2006 in their refugee’s tents.

Those people received assistances and donation from various parts of the countries and the world, probably from your country too. I could also see an amazing solidarity from people in jogja (including people in my neighborhood who practically receive no serious impact from the quake) and the some places around. They voluntarily help the casualties with food, money, tents etc. those who cannot afford them also try to help by cleaning the ruins of the houses…such solidarity is now commonly seen as a positive part of the disaster, because many people thought that now Indonesians start losing such solidarity, which once was their pride.

It needs maybe more then 5 years to recover, and they still need support from everyone…particularly because our government has so many weaknesses in dealing with such a disaster…so, I hope you don’t hesitate to help if you’ve got access to do it. ^_^

Well, that’s all I can tell you now. I hope it’s not too long. Hehehe. I do appreciate your concern. Wish us luck for the rebuilding and recovery of jogjakarta. And also for the volcano…we’re hoping that there wont be another natural disaster…(currently im having a quite bad sore eyes due to the continuous ash rain caused by the volcano’s activity). Big Thanks.

Missing you very much,


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Apalah arti sebuah nama?

Well, begitu katanya Shakespeare. Tapi, who the hell he is gitu lo, mengatakan itu. Hehehe. Soalnya, setelah ak mikir2, ternyata sebuah nama bukanlah perkara main-main. Ngga usah jauh-jauh ngebahas the politics of naming yang sering dipakai kalo kita menganalisis masalah2 yang sangat subjektif kayak terorisme, tetapi kita bisa mulai dari nama kita sendiri.

Dyah Widiastuti

Itu nama lengkap wie.

Waktu masih kecil, dan lagi senengnya pergi TPA, baca kisah-kisah sahabat nabi, dan denger dongeng Bapak tentang kemuliaan nabi-nabi Allah, wie sering komplain sama ortu. Kenapa sih namaku ga ada bau islam-islamnya (anak kecil mengidentikkan arab dengan islam-red)? Kenapa sih namaku kok jawa bangget? Nggak kosmopolitan bgt sih! (emang anak kecil udah tau cosmopolitan?) Jelek ah, Pak! Hehehe. Begityu…

Wajar sih, mungkin, karena simbah putri dan ibu wie yang notabene lahir lebih dulu aja punya nama2 yang lumayan kosmopolit dan menginternasional. Mbah Putri wie bernama Kamilah, ngga jauh-jauh gitu lo dari Camilla (parker bowles) or (tasya) Kamila. Hehe. Sementara nama ibu Fatimah, nama putri nabi yang kemudian dibawa oleh kaum penakluk Moor ke Andalusia, eropa, dan akhirnya seluruh dunia (footnote: liat ‘the alchemist’, by Paulo Coelho).

Waktu SMP dan SMU, lagi-lagi, dengan bete wie bertanya, kenapa si namaku cewek bgt? Kesannya ngga keren amat. Ngga sesuai sama kepribadianku bangget gitu loh!!! Kok namaku hindu bangget? Kok sok ningrat bangget? Begitu seterusnya…

Nah, sampai kemudian ak ikutan kul gender dan politik, yang membuatku bersyukur dan bangga jadi perempuan, dan juga ketemu temen2 dari berbagai negara, yang bilang bahwa namaku bagus dan mereka pengen tau artinya.

Dyah: perempuan

Widi: Sang Maha Agung

Astuti: berbakti

So, it means: perempuan yang berbakti kepada Sang Maha Agung.

Wuih, ternyata doa Bapak dan Ibu ku keren bangget yah. Hehehe. Arti namaku ternyata (menurutku) jauh lebih dalem dari sekedar nama-nama lain yang dulu kuanggap keren. (ga usah disebut, nanti tersinggung, hehehe)

Perempuan yang berbakti kepada Tuhan.

whatta inspiring meaning yah…karena berbakti kepada Tuhan menurtku punya arti yg luas bangget.

Dan ak baru ngerasa namaku semakin keren karena menggunakan kosakata jawa, instead of arab, ato inggris, ato bahasa apapun, karena emang aku adalah orang jawa. Jadi ceritanya, namaku tetap punya sisi religius yang kental namun tetap tidak kehilangan ke-jawaannya. Huehehehe. Kan lebih keren…

Terkahir, ak ketemu sama teman dari Bali, yang bilang bahwa ‘widi’, meskipun memang diartikan sebagai ‘Tuhan’ ternyata akar katanya bermakna ‘ilmu pengetahuan’. Wah, tampah keren dong arti namaku!!

Ilmu pengetahuan…hmm…nice thing. Sehingga kemudian aku akan mengartikan Dyah Widiastuti sebagai doa Bapak dan Ibu supaya aku jadi seorang ‘perempuan yang berbakti kepada Tuhan melalui ilmu pengetahuan’. Whuahahahha..keren yah!!!

bagaimana dengan nama teman-teman? Pasti doa Bapak-Ibu kalian enggak kalah keren dong!^_^ jadi kalo buat urusan doa begini, kata2 shakespeare tadi NOTHING! hehehehe

Nah, sekarang, tinggal gimana saya bisa berusaha mewujudkan doa dan harapan Bapak-Ibu saya itu!!!

So, wanna help me untuk mwujudkannya?? Everyone’s invited!!