Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween, The Alternative(s)

30 Oktober. Saatnya merayakan Halloween!!

Di Enggres raya, jaman dulu orang tidak terlalu heboh merayakan halloween, namun tampaknya pengaruh budaya amerika cukup mampu membuat orang-orang rela kedinginan ngantri di depan toko kostum seram di Camden untuk membeli kostum suster berdarah-darah, tukang gergaji, zombie atau mummy. :p

Teman-teman kampus pun tak mau kalah. IPAS, semacam KOMAHI nya School of Public Policy di UCL menggelar Nightmare in Charlotte Street, jumat kemarin. Malam ini, orang berkostum labu, binatang jadi-jadian, orang berdarah-darah, avatar, dan lain-lain berlalu-lalang di jalanan London.

Lha aku? Surprisingly, aku ra melu-melu. Hohoho. Padahal, selama ini aku selalu membayangkan akan memakai kostum malaikat maut *dengan hoodie dan sabit guede* atau kostum penyihir yang keren kalo diundang Halloween-an. Well, not sure why, but i guess i am just too old for this kind of stuff. :)

So, alih-alih melakukan effort untuk ke Halloween party, hari jumat malam aku nonton The Social Network. It was just brilliant. Please don't ask how much I paid for the ticket *and then convert it into rupiah, because i really don't wanna do that*, but i am satisfied. Jesse Eisenberg played the a**hole brilliantly. Appararently he's an intelligent guy, judging from some of his interview in youtube. Andrew Garfield is just as hot as always.*I saw him in 'Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus' for the first time* :) Can't wait to watch him as Peter Parker. Even Justin Timberlake acted quite professionally. Mark and Sean are successfully protrayed as a**holes. I do understand why the real Mr. Zuckerberg disliked the movie. Who won't? :p After all, it's very much an Eduardo Saverin's Facebook Movie I suppose. Yet again, I am convinced that Mark Zuckerberg is not an a**hole, he's just trying so hard to be. :p

The second alternative was equally great and insya Allah much more rewarding than jumping out yelling 'boo' or 'trick or treat'. I went to UCL's Islamic Society Charity Dinner in the UCL's cruciform building tonight. :) I was complaining for the late start yes I was, but the ceramah, the commedy, the auction and the dinner was nice. The 1st session was about imaan, its definition and how to protect and nurture it. :) You must be thinking I am kinda nerdy muslim girl now. Hahahaha, maybe I am. But I was reminded of some fundamental points of life in this session *I'll cover this in some other time*. The commedy was hilarious. I could laugh so hard, and I think it means something. The auction was impressive. I've never seen something like this before. For the sake of charity, people were willing to give up their 1,000 pounds for a calligraphy painting, which normally cost maybe 100 pounds, and which they will give back to the ISOC so that it can be auctioned again and again in the next year's charity dinner! That's the power of ideas, values, norms, which no realist thinker could ever explain.

Looh...kok ngelantur...hahahha...pasti ini gara-gara pertarungan antara John Mearsheimer vs Alexander Wendt yang belum terselesaikan. Huhuhu.

Yes, international politics needs an alternative. And so does Halloween. I've got mine and I am thankful for them. :)

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