Monday, October 25, 2010


Monday, October 25, 2010
Something inside me insists that I have to write. Here I am, with my fingers dancing on my keyboard, and it is twilight already.
I have been here, yes, in the super-fantastic London, United Kingdom, my dream country, for 35 days, and haven’t uploaded any piece of note – ever.
Why? What happened? Am I that busy? But I could upload those hundreds of pictures in facebook. *cursing Mark Zuckerberg*
Again, it’s the problem of facebook addiction that occupied me during the spare time. *cursing Zuckerberg, again*
There are so many things to share. I have promised myself that I will document this precious one year in a journal, with every loving detail. Ah. But I don’t even quite sure where to start. Or whether to write in Bahasa or English. *my writing ability is still horrible, but I suppose it’s quite understandable by native and non-native English speakers*
I want to tell you how London smells like Tokyo in the day I arrived, how I was so excited that I was welcomed in “The most diverse and cosmopolitan university in the world’s most diverse and cosmopolitan city!”, how my neighborhood in Camden is “just the place for me”, how my lecturers are impressive (and intimidating at the same time :D), how I really hoped to join the “Arsenal in The Community” as a volunteer, how the reading list is killing me but I am still unable to cope with the facebook addiction *cursing Zuckerberg, again and again! :p*, how beautiful Hampstead Heath is today, how interesting the London Chevening Scholars meeting was yesterday, how I met so many nice and helpful people, how wonderful my visit to Stoke-on-Trent was, how I met a guy with a very strange attitude in Milton Keynes station, how grateful I am right now, and how badly I want to watch “The Social Network”, even though the ticket is quite expensive *cursing Zuckerberg even more*.
Hmm…so, what’s the title of this rambling note? Should it be “Cursing Zuckerberg?” :p Oh no. I hate him badly that I want to date him, and ask him about his opinion on Indonesian democracy *hehehe, he’ll get bored to death for sure!! :D
Ok, I am off to bed now. *I am in bed actually; so, just throw the laptop away now.* Sleep tight, nice dream! Get ready for the next story! 




  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! Yeah, you should write your experiences and let people know what kind of feeling you have. It is always interesting and inspiring to see something from someone else's perspective or point of view.

    Don't let the moment pass without leaving any memories to remember.

  2. nice story, Wie. Can't wait to read more stories from you. Wish I could be there, someday :) (Just for holiday, not for studying, since the 2n+1 still haunt me...) hahahhaa :D