Sunday, November 28, 2010

On Being a Good Library Beneficiery

Some people can be so annoying in the library, partly because of their lack of knowledge of the existing rules, partly because they are insensitive, partly because they feel superior, or partly because of other reason that other people completely don't know.

This girl using the postgraduate cluster today is one perfect example of the latest part I've mentioned. She received a call from her mum (speaking loudly for 10-15 minutes in entah-bahasa-apa) without leaving the cluster which was full of people, despite the fact that it was Sunday (!), interupted by someone who asked her to lower down the voice, discussed some questions with her colleague quite noisily, received another call noisily inspite of the reminder, interrupted by me who could not stand her insensitiveness to lower down the voice or leave the cluster to a more deserted area of the library (for God's sake, it's a MOBILE phone on your hand!), and still continued her bla-bla-bla to her phone saying "oh, i'm going to be a public enemy in this library". Ckckckckck...Why don't you do something?! *in Britney's tone*

Well, sometimes, when we can no longer tolerate this kind of behavior and we've done all we can do, we just need to be wiser. So, I moved to another computer.

But there was an interesting thing. A guy using the same cluster gave a piece of paper to the girl. I don't think they know each other. At first I thought the paper might be given to me, so I looked at it. Strange symbols were drawn on it, with some sentence and words, such as "illuminati" and this name: Aleister Crowley, which later I googled, and found this:

I keep questioning why.

*)picture taken from:

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