Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm sorry, I'm from Indonesia...

That was what my friends suggested to tell the class (and the presentation partner) when I told them how nervous I was for my upcoming presentation. :p Please note that these friends of mine are all intelligent Indonesian future influential people, with fabulous sense of humor. *wink* --> you know who you are, people! :p

Hehehe. That was just hilarious and right now I can't stop smiling memorizing that suggestion.

Okay, you don't get it?

Well, the point is, we are Indonesians, a poor country, Third World, having low GDP, with huge amount of debt, highest corruption rate, uneducated, have no good English, inferior, having post-colonial and the so-called victim mentality (and many more), would be understandable if we perform poorly in class presentations (or in any other things).


Of course I am a person who love to think vice versa, as you can always witness (caelah, bahasamuuuu...). I always proudly say: I am from Indonesia, the third largest democracy, the world's largest muslim population, having these most friendly, smiley, nicest kind of people in the world, the world's largest archipelago (with 17.480 islands according to the Minister of Marine and Fisheries), and (as a tribute to our recently-turned-into awesome national team ) just one-step away from being crowned as the new king of football in the South East Asia. :) --> dancing, chanting excitedly for this last phrase :p

However, I do love the way my friends responded to my excessive anxiety. It was hilarious, relieving, and successfully reminded me that it always feel good to be an underdog. :D

Uhm, I am sorry if you feel you've wasted your time reading this post, or if you think that this note is grammatically or intellectually unacceptable. I have to say: I'm sorry, I'm from Indonesia...

*ngakak* a.k.a *ROTFL*


***Note: picture taken from the farewell with the Bappenas 2007, short before my departure to the UK. I was holding a pillow case embroidered with the sentence in one side and the 2007ers' signatures (and words of wisdom) on the other side. One of the best gift ever! ;)

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