Monday, February 07, 2011

A Souvenir from Britain?

Here's an idea for a souvenir from Britain, for ... myself! I know, what an ego-sentric personality I am. :p

So, I want to have a British accent for my English. I have anticipated a jeer and mocking sounds here and there. :) Well, it has been decided at the end of last term despite the fact that it is quite (or very) difficult, or even maybe impossible, according to some people's experience. :D

I do wanna have it. Why? Well, because it sounds sophisticated, graceful, and nice. :p

But how?

Now that's the real question. :D

I've told this to some classmate and a teacher about this, and one of the suggestion is to watch a movie titled "Lord of the Flies", in which some cute little British school boys from the 1960s talk in a very "English gentlemen" way. :p Well, that's one option.

It was mid of December when I had the conversation with the teacher, and it's February now. My accent still sound very Javanese-American English, I think. :O

Oh well, I'll stick to the idea, still. Having a British accent for souvenir! Yay!

Ps: any advice and assistance is much welcomed. :D

picture: Mulled spice tea stall, from the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

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