Saturday, April 23, 2011

It Takes the Premier League to Break My Heart...

I thought my heart was unbreakable. Or, least, no longer breakable. But just last month my conviction was proven to be wrong.

It all started from this email:

I’m writing to inform you that we have exciting volunteering opportunity for you.

Under the Premier Skills 2 (, Indonesia will run KICKZ project (,,12306,00.html) and we are going to take a delegation of 10 people to UK as part of study visit to understand the practice of community football in Premier League.

The study visit will take place from 16-22 March 2011, mostly in the city of Liverpool and end in London. To assist the Indonesian delegates communicate with their UK counterparts, we require 2 volunteer interpreters and willing to travel to Liverpool and London.

I felt warm.

The Premier League was my source of spirit and inspiration during my junior and high school life. It kept my student-spirit high for the whole week, as I had something I look forward for the weekend. Watching it live on TV (with 6 or 7 hours difference)could caused goosebumps and dancing butterflies-in-my-stomach. Now the feeling is no longer the same, yet, I feel that I owe some great parts of my life to the Premier League.

But the next second I felt hollow.

The date was just impossible. An important presentation was scheduled on 18th, right in the middle of the program. I knew I had no chance whatsoever. (Yes I know some of you will say I am such a nerd, haha).

Indeed, as I wrote back to them, I honestly told them:

Thank you,

indeed, rejecting this offer is like a broken heart. :p



(**Photo courtesy of Mas Ade Tsalasi dan Mba Rizka Maydita, taken during their visit to Manchester earlier this year. Thank you for sharing this pic Mba dan Mas! :p)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Never Let Me Go

please hold my hand
and help me find the way

even when my feet are no longer on the ground
or when i start zig-zag-ing all around

hold my hand
hold my heart

kindly let me know where to go
even when i start doubting and questioning or complaining maybe protesting

hold my hand
never let go

dear Lord

thank You