Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Because names are prayers, so, here's some ideas...:p

Name given to a child is actually the parents' prayer for him/her. Suddenly this thought came to my mind, in the middle of reading President Suharto's national addresses. lol. (kok ra nyambung yo...)

So, I've been wanting to name my children (in the future) with footballers' name. Eric (from Cantona), for sure. Haven't thought about any other footballer so far. (My nephew is actually named "Zidane") :p

The prophet name (whether it's going to be Muhammad or Ahmad) will be there, insya Allah, for the goodness and the blessings it may bring.:)

And, the new thought, is to name them with these astronomical objects, in their Javanese versions, specifically. So, among them will be thing such as "Bagaskara" (the sun), "Buana" (the earth), "Chandra" (the moon), "Aksara/Antariksa" (the sky), or "Kartika/Wintang" (the star). Stargazing rocks.

Hmm...sounds a lot...and most of them sound like boys' name. :D But sounds cool, no? They're all good prayers indeed. :)

Anyway, that's noted. And please don't steal my idea. Hehehe. Now, back to President Suharto...

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