Friday, July 01, 2011

A Note for Myself, This Friday Morning

My twitter timeline has something interesting, and I suppose making note here is just the most reasonable thing to do. Yeaa, baby, you live in the social media era! :D

It was about one hadith (words of the Prohet Muhammad). The original sentence was something like this:
"How lucky is that man (or woman) who adopts humbleness without having scarcity, who considers himself inferior without having to beg for anything, who spends his won earned money in the right causes without disobeying Allah, who is kind to those having little means, and who remains in the company of learned men (and women)" (Tibrani)

So...this actually tells us who an enviable person is:

1. a person who is humble despite having that which makes people proud.
2. a person who earns and spends in the path of Allah.
3. a person who is kind to those less privileged.
4. a person who benefits from the companionship of the learned.

Hah, such a nice note it is (satisfied with myself, and my social-media literacy, lol).

Envy is truly one of the seven deadly sins that often drives us crazy. Looking at this note make me realize that sometimes my envy are just unnecessary, for to be enviable one should perform those 4 criteria. And indeed, to be enviable is just probably not that difficult. :D

Hmm...what do you think? :)

source: @islamicthinking

*picture: taken by me in a Turkish restaurant in London, 2011