Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy anniversary my beloved Indonesia...:)

17 August is Indonesia's independence day.

You are now 66! Old for a man (or woman), but pretty young for a nation.
So, I am wishing and praying you and more importantly your people, all the best. :)

Oh, and i noted this year's theme is pretty much related with my dissertation, currently the most fascinating thing in the world. lol. :p

Here's the theme:

"Dengan Semangat Proklamasi 17 Agustus 1945, Kita Tingkatkan Kesadaran Hidup dalam Kebhinnekaan untuk Kokohkan Persatuan NKRI, Kita Sukseskan Kepemimpinan Indonesia dalam Forum ASEAN untuk Kokohkan Solidaritas ASEAN".


"with the spirit of 17 of August 1945 (independence) proclamation, let's increase our awareness in living in diversity to strengthen the national unity, and let's support Indonesia's leadership in ASEAN to strengthen ASEAN solidarity"

aww yeahh...

and I like how the Indonesian Ambassador for the Great Britain explain this theme in yesterday's flag ceremony.
(yes, i did join the flag ceremony here...)
Now I wonder whether other countries have this so-called flag ceremony thingy...(jangan2 kagak ade sama skaly...wkwkwkw)

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Mum's Advice from Accross the Ocean

It was another Sunday when I had my routine London-Sleman talk. *for those who wants to know where Sleman is please check this link*

Well, not that routine...actually it was only these recent times I called home every Sunday as I had the exam season approaching and the whole panic and fears were haunting me, sucking my happiness like dementors (halah, lebay...kekekeke). Yeah, that's the time when every kid needs their mum. lol.

I told my mum that there was one ultimate class which was too difficult as it involved calculation and a totally new creature (for me) called statistics. *suddenly I remember now that the statistics teacher actually said "If you don't read Agresti and Finlay before lectures, it's none of my business. You should talk to your mum. (or something sounds like that)" How true it is! lol*

As every Mum will say to her children, my mum told me not to worry too much, just do what you can do, not to forget the five time prayers,to do the extra prayers at night, and of course telling me that she's doing the extra prayers herself for me, her only daughter. *the prophet was totally right for saying that heaven actually lies at your mother's feet* She also reminded me that a superb grades were probably not that super-important right now. :p *my dad later supported my mum by saying for not to stress too much* (well, you see, they're meant for each other :D)

All of he advice and reminders were important, although they are relatively "default" advices that I always received every time I am away from home (which means pretty much all the time, lol). However, her closing remarks somehow made me wonder. She told me to be careful with my words. Well, Mum reminded that being in a foreign land, with completely different culture, different people, different norms suppose to make me more cautious on what I say. That was a real point.

I think I've been ignoring this for quite a while. Being in the "West" make me feel that I can say anything what I want to say. Anything. But apparently it is wiser to think about it now.

I've been told many times for being very outspoken (sometimes it's used to ameliorate the word "annoying", I suppose :p). One of my first bosses, an American, even said that I was "more American than he was". Another boss, said that even though I'm from Yogyakarta (a city in Java, culturally well known for its high-level politeness and manners), I actually sound more like someone from North Sumatra (another part of Indonesia, known to be more outspoken than those from Java).

And then, very recently, a colleague said that actually I reminded him of Dr. Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory. *for those who don't know who he is,...helloo??! all cool people watch The Big Bang Theory, for God :D
Sheldon is cute, smart and everything...I love him...but being told that I am like of course not something that I want to hear. :D

To make it worse, I need to ask my colleague what occasion precisely made me look like Sheldon. There you go. :D Lack of sensitivity, a number one Sheldon attitude.

So...apparently, Mum knows her daughter much more than anyone else. Well, thank you Mum for telling me that, I promise to be more sensitive and to think wisely before open my mouth.

So, for those whom ever feel annoyed with my words, apologies, I promise I will try my best to not repeating it. :)

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