Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy anniversary my beloved Indonesia...:)

17 August is Indonesia's independence day.

You are now 66! Old for a man (or woman), but pretty young for a nation.
So, I am wishing and praying you and more importantly your people, all the best. :)

Oh, and i noted this year's theme is pretty much related with my dissertation, currently the most fascinating thing in the world. lol. :p

Here's the theme:

"Dengan Semangat Proklamasi 17 Agustus 1945, Kita Tingkatkan Kesadaran Hidup dalam Kebhinnekaan untuk Kokohkan Persatuan NKRI, Kita Sukseskan Kepemimpinan Indonesia dalam Forum ASEAN untuk Kokohkan Solidaritas ASEAN".


"with the spirit of 17 of August 1945 (independence) proclamation, let's increase our awareness in living in diversity to strengthen the national unity, and let's support Indonesia's leadership in ASEAN to strengthen ASEAN solidarity"

aww yeahh...

and I like how the Indonesian Ambassador for the Great Britain explain this theme in yesterday's flag ceremony.
(yes, i did join the flag ceremony here...)
Now I wonder whether other countries have this so-called flag ceremony thingy...(jangan2 kagak ade sama skaly...wkwkwkw)

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  1. Waw...nice post....
    mmg layak banget nih jd jurnalis...
    sukses yaaa cita2nya...