Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Would be of The Year 2012?

Hey, it's been quite a while since my very last entry. It's funny how that microblogging site has got me soo addicted that i've ignored the conventional, real blogging site.

It's not necessarily a good thing for sure...

Well, I have loads of things in my mind. Unfortunately, they're scattered, all over the place. In addition, I've got other things to do. To be a responsible grown up. Yeah. *denganmukamelas*

Anyway, I had this strange idea that even years usually bring me major changes in life. As in 1998 when I started high school. 2004 when I went abroad for the first time(and experienced so many things that hugely influenced the way I become now). 2008 when I started new job and new commitment in the civil service. And of course 2010 when I finally landed in the land of my childhood dreams. :)

However, I then think further, that the major changes in even years must be related to what happen in the odd years. Hahaha. :D *menertawakankedudulansendiri*

So... I still expect that major life changing events will take place in this even year...hehehehe. :D

Well, my point would be, I am not only expecting changes, but I think I should see it in a more comprehensive way, in relation to other life events in other years. And maybe, I should be more than "expecting".

As ustadz Zaitun said once in 2005..."jangan pernah gantungkan nasibmu kepada takdir sebelum takdir itu benar-benar terjadi."

So, let's be inspired by Mrs. Rowling three Ds in Apparition:


And, of course, Dear Lord, please help me prepared for what would be of the year of 2012. Thank you. :)