Sunday, August 05, 2012

A Birthday Note : The Final Year of The 20s


It's been a very long time since the last entry.

I know it's August already, but yes, here is my birthday note, for 17 of July. I feel that I MUST write this note, despite the lack of sleep caused by the London Olympics, because this is my final year of 20s.


I am really that old.

I know gazillions of thanks is not enough to say to the Almighty, who has granted me all the things I've gained and experienced so far. Especially 2010-2011, it has been an awesome time. Many of my childhood dreams finally came true. Coming to England, watching Manchester United in Old Trafford, watching England in Wembley, traveling to amazing cities in the European continent, attending awesome events (the royal wedding, some academic debates, etc), becoming a quasi journalist (:P), getting interviewed by a radio, meeting and making friends with amazing people from all over the world (you know who you are :)), graduating with satisfactory result (it's worth the sleepless night! :D), becoming participant observer in several London pubs (yay!), conducting shalat in two Oxford historic churches (thank you!), and being responsible to those who have given me the amanah. :)

My God, that was a very long list, and I do still have more in my note, which are rather personal that I cannot really share here. #halah :D

Well, so, I've written down 17 wishes for this year. I have them somewhere in my note.I am not sharing those 17 wishes, for they are rather embarrassing to tell...but,hey, I have simpler, smaller wishes that I've just thought about few days ago.

It's about changes within myself.

At this age, I am still surprisingly knowing so little about myself. Well, at least my brother's testimonial said so. :D Apparently, I failed to show the world that actually I am a caring and generous person!!! You may laugh at this statement, but I am! :D

Responding to my argument my bro challenged me: "Then show the world that you actually are!"

Dam*! You little tricky brother But yes, you've nailed it.

So, my resolutions for this age is to be a better, nicer, more loving, more caring, more generous, more humble person. I shall speak more gently, I shall care more about people I should care about, I shall treat people fairly, I shall be more friendly. :) What for? Because I think these simple behavioral changes are keys to be happy and grateful. So, it's not for the shake of reputation, really. For, just like beauty, "reputation is in the eyes of the beholders" (it's a very important quote I learned during my master dissertation writing actually :P). It's what inside us that really matter.

Dear Lord, please read my note, hear my wishes, and please kindly help me to be be a better me in my final year of the 20s. :) Amen.

*picture of my red converse, witnessing London in the Royal Wedding day :)