Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Blogger Day: The Pledge

Here's another quick catch up! 

Apparently,  today's the national blogger day in Indonesia, as tweeted by a person dubbed as "Bapak Social Media Indonesia", Pak @nukman Luthfie. Well, thanks to him. :D

His tweet instantly reminded me of my drastic drop in the number of posting and updates in this blog. On the other hand,  it inspired me to find "blogger" in my newly- encountered Google Play Store. :)

So,  here I am,  in my morning disappointment after failing to meet my dentist first time in the morning,  I am,  instead,  busy tapping on the screen of my Skyfall,  to produce my very first blogspot post from a mobile device.

And here is the pledge: 1 month, 3 posts! I think it 's a pretty SMART pledge aka specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound (oh so planners!).

And as I tip-tapping my Skyfall's screen,  a list of side-result come to my mind, just in time to recharge my blogging spirit. Here they are: the preserving of memories; the brain exercise; the structuring of the ideas; the sharing; the English writing; the touchscreen tip-tapping; the self-finding journey!

And that is all for now.  :)

Setiabudi Timur, one rainy Saturday morning.

Oh, and p.s., "Skyfall" is my new Sony Xperia.  She's an android, a partner to the Wolverine, the BlackBerry. The name came up last night, but was decided this morning. And yes,  you are correct, it has everything to do with James Bond, and Adele. :D