Friday, March 08, 2013

A #humblebrag From Last Month

Hello, 2013. :)

It's March already and no single post since November. Shame on me. And I have a secret. I've written down somewhere safe that "1 month 3 blog posts" is one of the 2013 resolutions. Now, it's not a secret anymore.

So, I've decided to revive the vow regardless the post-less passing first two months.

And for the very first 2013 post, I haven't got the privilege to develop an appropriate, well-structured, grammar-checked meaningful post. Instead, I only want to share a link to my writing that has been uploaded to the PPI UK's Pesan Abang Website. Yay!!

The writing can be seen here.

To me, and I've confirmed with some people, the writing's title sounds a bit like a #humblebrag about me-going-to-heaven-because-i-am-THE-good-girl. But actually it is not. I intended this writing to motivate people to experience UK and all the great (Britain) things about it, without the fear of being a (muslim) minority. :)

Oh, and I owe the photo credit to Mba Rizka and Mas Ade in that writing, which I failed to mention in the PesanAbang website. Apologies, Mba Rizka and Mas Ade.:D