Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Almost May

It's April 30th. May is almost here. In only several minutes.

What have I done so far?

Such a torturing question, sometimes. As I look back, and see there's not so much to recap as I've planned early at the beginning of the year. Some people (maybe it was John Lennon) said: "Life is what happens while you're busy making plan." To certain extent, this sentence gives us a good advice on not to focus too much on making plan and forgetting the real life instead. However, I believe that plans often help us with our naturally-rather-messy life. :)

The question now is how to identify the "grand theme" of what our life should be. In the development plan table, this may be the "outcome" and "outcome indicator". :D This, should be derived from our vision/mission in life. What is the vision/mission? It is finding the straight path. How to find it? To be the best servant of the Lord, and to be the most beneficial human for others. That's probably enough to fill up the strategic plan table. :D

So, what have I done so far? Referring to the *imaginary* strategic plan table? Errmmm....still cannot really find good enough answer. :p

Well, I don't know where this post is heading. I think I better stop the rant for now.

Now, I should be ready to welcome the month of May. A very important month, it shall be. A month that shall always remind myself to be grateful for life itself, and not for taking things for granted.

*picture was taken in Hampstead Heath, North London, Summer 2011. The Heath surely represents my gratitude for life. I currently use this pic as my twitter cover picture. :)

Monday, April 01, 2013

Home. Where Love Is


Another failure to post 3 blog posts every month has been recorded in March.

I'll try harder in April. And here's my first attempt!:D

Thank goodness I was lucky enough to be back home few days ago. Home, conventionally speaking, means Jogja to me. I even created this particular hashtag #homeisjogja , every time I tweet from my hometown, somewhere on the slope of Indonesia's most active (and probably dangerous) volcano.

However, things changed a bit this time. The home that I visited was no longer the house where I grew up, with a room so familiar to me (still with an AC Milan team photo on one of its wall, with Alessandro Nesta in it), with the most warm-hearted neighborhood that always greet me in the most welcoming way. My mum and dad have just recently moved to a smaller house outside the village. The current house is literally "mewah" (luxurious) a.k.a "mepet sawah" (on the verge of paddy-field), for it once was, indeed, a rice field.

I do miss the old house for some reasons. But I realized that the things I love the most about "home" are still there, in the new, smaller house.

Lucky that I've still got the chance to rest my head on mummy's lap while we're watching TV (and of course we were discussing the President's disgraceful decision to be the head of his rather pathetic political party, who's behind Lapas Cebongan attack, and the Eyang Subur fiasco - Dear Lord!), to spend so much energy to handle the overly-energetic nephew, and to have some (rather meaningful) chit-chat with the bros and the sis in-laws.The highlight of the new house is that I now have better access for the precious morning walk (or supposedly run), with the gorgeous Gunung Merapi view in the background. Yay to that!

Things did change. Definitely we'll miss particular things we had in the past. Yet, life has to be in a dynamic change, to keep us alive.

And as I was celebrating my visit home,a friend came up with a discussion on the concept of home. From the talk, I learned that not everyone has a single, particular place that they refer as "home". My initial definition of "home" was "where the unconditional loves are". But the discussion has shifted my position slightly, because I have to admit that at certain points in my life, I consider Jakarta, or even London as home.

Therefore, home, in addition to the initial definition, also represents a place where (new) love is found.

*pictures taken by Wolverine - the Blackberry, as I've lost Skyfall - the Android