Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What a Treasure Means

I don't read the holy quran as frequent as I used to (I know, I know, I really need to do something about this), but it still play an important role in my life (haha, ampun ya Allah). I quoted it for my facebook profile (yeah that kind of role *ikon monkey tutup muka di watsap) at the minimum level, and try to look it up once in a while (level krisis imtaq = rada gawat, HELP!).

So, among several mushafs I still keep, there's one special quran. It is navy blue and gold in colour, with English transliteration. Published by the authority of the Kingdom of Saud. I got this particular quran in Tokyo, Ramadhan 2004. I think it was from a mosque in Yoyogi Uehara Station.
What is so special about the quran?

Well, first of all, it has the most beautiful English transliteration i've ever seen. Everyone knows that I have this particular fascination for everything English. Haha. I don't know, somehow the verses sound cooler when I read and write them in this language. :p

Secondly, I got it in Tokyo, a very special place where I learned about Islam (a rather bizarre phenomenon but it's quite self-explanatory for those who ever experienced living a (practicing) Indonesian muslim life in Tokyo), international-intercultural friendship, and probably where I learned to live far far away from the family for the very first time. 

Finally, the quran has undergone quite a tough yet rather historical moment. On 27 of May 2006, it was buried under the ruins of a house in Southern Jogja, several kilometres only from the epicentrum of that very morning earthquake. It was my closest-to-death experience. A literally bloody head, some stiches and 2 weeks of frustration, if I can summarize it. I did not expect that I could still have it after the earthquake. But apparently some people managed to save and return it to me. The heavy rain that fell on the night after the quake has made the paper in the book rather wavy and dirty. I don't mind really. Instead, the physical condition of the navy blue quran will always remind me what it has been through. And what nearly happened to me.

The quran is indeed a treasure to me.

As I drafted this post, I realized that Ramadhan is coming very soon. I could remember precisely that the Ramadhan when I got the quran was in October-November of the year 2004. However, according to the lunar calendar, the quran will be 10 year old soon. A decade. Oh how time flies. And I've never even read it properly. Let alone memorise its content.

Will I read and learn it more after I write this post? I am not sure, but I know I have no reason for not doing it.

Ganbarimashou ka? 
Doakan saiah, Kaks! :D

#notetoself: harus bikin target kuantitatip dan timeline biar sukses!! #terbappenas :p

- drafted mostly during commuting using the KRL :p -

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