Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The (Rather Shabby) Birthday Note! :p

I am turning 31 on the commuter line's train. :D

I started drafting this post while I got on the last train home. I am not sure what to say about this, really. Haha. But I just had a long dinner/meeting with the awesome mates, future Indonesia's president and future Minister of State Owned Enterprise (amen to that ). 

I wish I were on my bed already, making check marks on my last birthday resolutions. However, this is not so bad as well. :) All I want to remind myself is the two verses I'd have inked on my inner left wrist, had tattoos were halal:

"Is there any reward for good other than good? Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you deny?"

31 years, He has given me opportunities to live, to experience things, to meet people, to see places, and to feel feelings (nggak nemu diksi yang bagus, jadi feel feelings haha). Countless of blessings, I must say. And did I tell you that my mum nearly experienced a miscarriage when I was about 3 months in her womb? So, I am a really really lucky one to survive, indeed!

31 years is also sufficient to embark on a conclusion, that among other things (such as world peace and Indonesia's consolidated democracy, hell yeah haha), my life's mission is to be my significant other's source of happiness and peace of mind. (please don't laugh, although it does sound funny! haha)

Inspired by Gandhi, to arrive there, I must be happy myself first. I must be able to have peace of mind, to begin with.

Obviously, those two will be my major homework from this moment on.

The date on my mobile phone turning 17 of July when the train arriving at Universitas Indonesia station. And the radio playing John Legend's "All of Me".

Whatever, Dear Lord, I could never thank You enough. :')

(17 July 2014 was a bit of drama , so this rather shabby post is uploaded today :p ) 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On Bastian Schweinsteiger, Eight Years Later

There's something special about this world cup final.

Nope, of course not that England finally reached the final, and football finally came home. Haha.

It's Germany vs Argentina in the final. It was Bastian Schweinsteiger that made it special. I am neither Germany's nor Bayern Munchen's fan. I've been loyal to The Three Lions and English Premiership since the first time I knew football.

However, in 2006, out of the blue, after the World Cup tournament finished, hosted by Germany and won by the Italian, I wrote a letter (yes, handwritten, with envelope and stamps) to Sebastian Schweinsteiger. He was very young, and super impressive. He cried miserably on Juergen Klinsmann's shoulder after the painful defeat from Italy (fyi, I have never liked Gli Azzuri). I felt very sorry for him, and I thought he deserved to be written a letter to. Haha. And I've never even written any letter to Eric Cantona, my inspiration! You can see how spontaneous the Schweini letter was.

So, in my letter, I told Schweini that he should not be so sad, he was so talented, young and would have another chance to win the world cup title in the future. I still remember vividly the paper and my (rather nicer than today's) handwriting, telling those words just like he was a little baby brother of mine. Shame that I did not take any pic of the letter (unlike today, 8 years ago mobile phones with cameras were not yet a household item).

And guess what? He replied to the letter! Well, he did not write back a proper letter of course, and probably it was the Bayern Munchen's clerks who did the stuffs...but a picture of him with a signature arrived with envelope and stamps, from Munchen to Sleman (yeah I lived there at that time).

All The Way, From Munchen to Sleman ;)

I don't know whether he got the chance to read the letter or not...but this morning, 8 years after the very letter, western Indonesia's time, I saw him won the world cup title. He was bleeding on the face, got injured by the opponents, and covering the whole midfield for the glory of his team. (Check his moments in the final through pics here!)

Technology has improved so much in the past eight years, that now I get to congratulate him realtime via his "verified" twitter account. Probably he won't get the chance to check his twitter for the coming a month or so (busy celebrating maybe), but I did tell him that I was happy that he won the title. :)

Anyway, congrats Basti! You and your team deserves the title. Thank you for inspiring us that even hard work, talents, and technology like that of the Germans may need the whole eight years to finally succeed. :)


-written mostly while commuting-