Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ten Years On, After Mitaka

This post is meant to be the 10th anniversary post of this blog.
I cannot believe that I started this blog ten years ago.

I intended to write this post exactly on 16th of February 2015, exactly 10 years after I wrote my very first post, but something happened in that date which has made me unable to execute the plan.

Another decision I have made is to change the description section.

The description originally said this:


To be honest, I merely wrote anything that came up in mind that time. Here they are:

ak = aku = me : you can see how self-centred the 22-year-old me was! ahahaha

mitaka :  it's the place where I lived that time, where the Tokyo University Dormitory is located. Mitaka-Shi, is part of Tokyo-To, its nearest station in the Inokashira-sen is Kichijoji and Mitaka-Dai. It was one of the best, and most beautiful places I have ever lived in. Not so noisy and crowded, got loads of green (and flowery) public spaces, and only minutes away from the most interesting places in Japan, such as Shibuya.

aikomsei : the aikom students, my dear classmates, who attended the Abroad in Komaba Program (AIKOM), an exchange program in Tokyo University's Komaba Campus. I had 24 classmates from 18 countries, plus there were several Japanese Students who became friendly with the group. I learned a lot from them, and I miss them. (Hey, guys!)

nomikai : it is the  drinking-gathering, the Japanese way to get social, including among the students and sensei . I have never attended any when I was in Japan for religious reason. :)

kokusaikankei :  International Relations, my undergrad major, which now has been a big part of my life for almost 15 years. :)

pdkt = pendekatan : an attempt to get closer, I remember exactly, at that time it was to get closer to God. :p

cinta = love : no need further explanation for this!

indonesia : when you are far away from home, you tend to be more nationalistic. :)

keluarga = family : source of strength, the one who took me to the airport and picked me up when I finished the exchange program, my reason to come home.

nihon = Japan : the first country I lived in, other than Indonesia. One of the places I can call "home" now.

apasaja = anything : a hint that I ran out of idea. :p

semuanya = everything : another hint. haha.


So, it has been 10 years. The contents of the blog have shown changes and continuities (the phrase I picked up from Michael Leifer :p). It has been amazing to see how yourself evolves through blog posts over time.

Now it is time to make a more relevant description. The new description, as you will see now, is more of an intention, rather than a theme. The intention is that the blog will be more meaningful, in contributing to  my attempts to achieve the life mission as written in my "about me" in various digital sites elsewhere.

I hope it will work well. But I also hope the blog will still be entertaining and fun (like it has always been, of course :p).

I think that is all for now, and I would like to thank to the old-description of the blog, which has provided an outline for 10 years, by inserting its screen-capture here, so that I can still look at it. Just in case. ;)