Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Special thanks to...

Hello again!
It's been too long since my last post. Yes, and alhamdulillah it's for a good reason. :D

I've been busy offline. With real life. :p

This post has three purposes.
(ps: I am a big fan of systematic writing, even when it comes to casual writings like this haha)

First, to announce that I've got married last September. :D
Second, to share information about (and to promote) the vendors I used for my wedding.
Third, as a thank you note, for everyone who deserve it. :)

It was on September 4th 2016, sunny Sunday morning in the Masjid Kampus UGM, my man and I proceeded the ijab-kabul (the Islamic version of "holy matrimony"). It was an almost surreal moment. I met the man who is now my husband less than a year prior to the wedding date. It was His beautiful, amazing scenario that this ijab kabul could take place in my most favourite mosque in my hometown, that day. After the ceremony, we had the wedding reception nearby, still around the campus. All went well and smooth.

Words still can't express my gratitude. The most appropriate sentence about the feeling is probably this: subhanallah. alhamdulillah. wa lailahaillah. allahuakbar. :')

On the vendors, I feel the responsibility to share and promote them. It's my minimum best effort to reward them. And hopefully, it will be useful for you, who are planning a wedding soon, especially if you live in Jogja or Jakarta. :)

 So, here they are:

1. Invitation Card
Aer Printing - Pasar Tebet Barat, Lt. Basement, Jalan Tebet Barat
Cp: Pak Rizal  +62 857-7778-1510
I am pretty sure it's one of the best design you've seen in the past several years. ;)

2. Wedding Ring
Forever Jewellery - Senayan City
Cp: Mas Tony
Totally recommended, if you are looking for platinum rings.

3. Wedding Venue
a. Masjid Kampus UGM
CP: Pak Wardani +62 817-0411-975
This venue was a dream came true. It was the place where I studied in the last minutes before exams during my undergrad days. :p

b. University Club Hotel UGM
CP: Mas Adit  +62 857-4322-1850
Complete package, they come with catering and decoration too. :D 

4. Wedding Photographer
Orangeart Photography
CP: Mbak Devon  +62 817-4128-782
A decent documentation is uber important. Thank goodness our photographers listened to what we want! 

5. Wedding Dress
Santi Gallery
CP: Mbak Santi +62 857-4365-2535
The ivory-white kebaya and mint green princess dress are booth my favourite things. :D

6. The Make Up Artist
Dior Paes
CP: Bu Dior +62 812-2790-724
The best paes ageng rias you can get in Jogja. But they do good to for modern-look too, like the one I had. 

7. Other Dresses
Zenko at Jalan Solo Yogyakarta
Bought some clothing and lace materials for the parents, siblings, and among tamu here. : 

8. Wedding Souvenir
Zeitgeist Store
CP: Mbak Ata +62 888-8705-984
For those who attended my wedding reception, I am pretty sure you like the souvenirs, for they are chic and useful. :p

9. Photo Booth
A last minute addition which improved the fun of the celebration! :D

10. Shoes
I owe them 12-cm additional height on my wedding day. haha.

Finally, we (ahem, yes, I consciously change the subject in the sentences) want to sincerely thank you.

Every single one of you, who attended the akad nikah, or the reception, who congratulated us directly, or via emails, text messages, phone calls, who kindly sent your prayer, wishes, flowers and gift for us. I know many of you have flown from different cities to attend our wedding. :)

And special thanks to our beloved family members, our kindest  friends who had contributed to the success of the ceremony and reception. We do really appreciate it. :')

Now, please wish and pray the best for us in the post-party real life. Thank you. :)


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